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Class Description

Dance works studio specialises in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, JFH, Heels and Broadway Classes for Adults with a variety of levels from beginners to advanced.


We offer classes for people wanting to dance for exercise or for those interested in performing. We hold an annual concert every year for all students to show off their skills to friends and family. Whether you are 18 or 80, beginner or advanced, there is sure to be a class to suit you.


These classes are perfect for those who have never danced before. We offer a variety of levels in Tap ranging from beginners to advanced.


Tap dancing is great exercise and lots of fun for all ages. No matter what level of fitness you are at, you may just find the hidden Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire in you!


This class is great to improve fitness and coordination. It allows students wth little or no dance ability, through to experienced dancers to participate actively. 


This class combines Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop. A great class with lots of variety every week.


This is a high intensity workout which will include floor work.

Lyrical leaps.jpeg

Our ballet class have all the technical exercises of a classical ballet class along with lyrical combinations.


You’ll work on strength, flexibility and technique.


If you love the old Razzle Dazzle and have dreamt about stealing the spotlight on Broadway then this is the class for you.


Every class includes stretch and strength exercises to work towards those lovely kicks then you'll explore all the Broadway shows and dance vintage chorus line, Cabaret broadway and even the Parisian CanCan.

Shoulder stand.jpeg

This class is for the more experienced dancer as you are required to wear your most fierce heels. We combine the funk with the showgirl in this class and rock it out in your Saturday night heels.


It does get down and dirty, so like the showgirl class, you’d need to leave your inhibitions at the door and find your inner Beyonce.

High kicks.jpeg

A high energy class with traditional jazz foundation. 


You'll work on strength and technique, kicks and turns, followed by a jazz routine that could be anything from old school 80's to today's commercial jazz. 


Great for absolute beginners to the more experienced dancer. 


Barre Works is high-intensity yet low-impact work out and will leave every muscle feeling recharged and energised. 

It is a fusion of Ballet technique, Pilates and general fitness and is the perfect workout for all fitness levels and abilities.

The exercises are choreographed routines to music, however no dance experience is necessary.


The goal of barre works is to;

  • Sculpt and strengthen legs, bum, arms and core

  • Improve core stability and posture

  • Burn fat and improve cardiovascular endurance

  • Improve mobility and flexibility


* Please bring your own Pilates mat, a towel and drink bottle. All other equipment will be provided.

stretch n flex.jpg

Stretch and flex is a class that incorporates stretch and mobility techniques from the disciplines of dance, yoga and physiotherapy.

Each class will run through a series of exercises including:

  • Self-myofascial release techniques with foam rollers &/or massage balls

  • Mobilisation-based joint and muscle stretches

  • Gentle strengthening and muscle activation to improve active range of motion

  • Dance specific flexibility

Whether your goal is to improve your dance performance, reduce the risk of injury, or simply improve the way you move, then this class is for you. All levels of experience are welcome and the class can be modified for those with injuries.

* Please bring your own Pilates mat, a towel and drink bottle. All other equipment will be provided.

Please visit the Timetable page for class times.

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